Wouter Duinisveld
Triathlete with a donorheart.

Guido is a coach with passion, knowledge and he’s skilful. He helps you to achieve your goals, even if, by many, they are thought to be impossible. His approach is a close cooperation with you as a sportsman and he sees to training schedules and support and the athlete makes his efforts and gives feedback. If necessary, Guido adjusts schedules in order to give the right care in case of injuries and illness. He’s an expert on every aspect of training, from nutrition to the latest technical and scientific developments.

In 2011 I contacted Guido and asked him if he could help me, as a hearttransplantpatient, to complete an Ironman. A challenge for both of us, because there was no information available about people who had done something similar. We met with huge medical adversity. Guido, with his medical background, knows a lot about bodies and about medication which may influence the performance during exercise.

Guido helped me to realize my goals by testing, personal schedules, daily monitoring, regular contact and personal coaching. Literally from the cardiologist’s surgery to crossing the finishing line of various Ironman races. I’m grateful for his coaching and his friendship.


He coached me from cardiac patient to Ironman and helped me realize my dreams in sports. Without his coaching I had never succeeded. Guido is a marvellous man and I can recommend his training and coaching to every sportsman with ambitions.

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