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08-30-2021   Science, News   Handbike

After a fabulous start at the Paralympic Games where Jetze won the gold at the paratriathlon, the next event will be the handbike timetrial.

What have we done to optimize the handbike and be as fast as he can be?


Well, a lot !!

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Windtunnel Testing


We have visited the windtunnel at the TU Eindhoven with special thanks to Bert Blocken

Goal of these tests was to optimize the handbike and choosing the right set up, for example which wheel set up is the best to use in cetrain conditions?

During the Timetrial the 2-Spoke wheels will be used

Video recordings


During the first course check, which was more than a year ago, Jetze has made video recordings.

With this video he has been able to train at home on his handbike and Tacx on the virtual course

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Beste Bike Split


With the use of the Best Bike Split software it is possible to make a power plan for the race.

Adding data about wheather, course and performance power duration of Jetze, I am able to make a plan for him to ride as fast as he can with power values he can focus on.

According to this plan he will finish the 3 laps within 40 min

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Sportlab Sedoc


If you want to see more about the preparations we did, you can have a look at the Sportlab Sedoc program

When is the start of the Handbike Timetrial?


Tuesday 31 August 02:35 CET (09:35 Tokyo time)

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