Martha Maltha
Cycling, cyclo's

In 2018 I wanted to take part in the marathon cycling in the Dolomites for the second time. Up till then I had had no specific training and I wondered, if coaching would improve my results of 2016. After looking for a coach on the internet, I found Guido, an expert in this field and someone I could have confidence in.

That was really a very good decision. This resulted in a third place in 2018 and a second place in 2019 in the marathon in the Dolomites. Also winning Les Trois Ballons was something I  had never expected. Apart from better results, I very much enjoy training with Guido. To me, Guido is an absolute authority in coaching.

Whatever questions I have, I can ask him anything on backgrounds, fysiology, nutrition, injuries, vitamin supplements etc. He is always quick to respond. I’m glad that Guido is still my coach, and I hope that our cooperation will lead to winning the marathon in the Dolomites this year!

  • Guido Vroemen
    Known from tv
  • The absolute top in
    Science in Training
  • Sports doctor and
    medical biologist