Anne Terpstra
Olympic mountainbiker XCO

I got to know Guido through Jeroen van Eck. We share a similar “coach history”, and he told me very enthusiastically about his new coach, Guido, without knowing my current situation. In spring 2016  we started working together. That year I took part in my first olympic games, which, to me, was a great achievement. Thanks to Guido I have quite a list of achievements now, and we go on working towards more great performances.

Guido is quiet, well-structured and gives you a lot of confidence. I have found out how Guido is respected in the scene. After our years together, I’m very glad and proud that I’m one of Guido’s athletes and can benefit from his knowledge. And….last but not least, I’m almost sure I have the fittest coach in the world.


Anne has been training with Guido since 2016.


Her most important achievements:


Dutch Champion XCO 2020/2018/2016/2015/2014/2013

Dutch Champion XCE 2017/2014

World Cup Winner XCO Andorra 2019

World Cup Winner XCE Graz 2018

4th place World Championships XCO 2019

4th place European Championships XCO 2019

4th place Overall World Cup XCO 2019

5th place World Championships XCE 2015

Olympics Rio 2016

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  • Sports doctor and
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