Marien Bogerd
Elite amateur cyclist, Dutch National Champion Time Trial Elite amateur

Because cycling recreative tours was no longer challenging, I decided to turn to amateur racing at the cycling club “De Ijsselstreek”. That was not easy. After the first year, I realized that making a lot of kilometers is not the same as training. The question was, what and how are you going to train. This led me to Guido. Although there was progress in the first year, from the second year on I achieved more. Now, after 4 years, I’m still making progress, and I have performed better than I ever thought was possible. The great thing about our cooperation is that there is no doubt about the way I’m training. I just train according to my training schedule!

Cycling is more than pedaling, but Guido has taught me just to pedal a little faster and harder. My goal for 2021 is to win a classic race. Preferably a UCI race, of course, and I’d like to prolong my Dutch Championship Time Trial.

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