David Nordemann
Mountainbike XCO

I can proudly tell you that I have been able to make my hobby, mountainbiking, into my profession. My highest achievements sofar, I have gained in the U23 category: a third place on the World Championship mountainbike and three times Dutch champion.

At that time I didn’t think I had reached the top of my ability and I hardly trained with a powermeter. Because I wanted to change that I ended up with Guido. After a year of working together, I can say that Guido is really the man who knows how to combine calculations, data and practice. At first, I thought his training schedules far too demanding, but, while training, I noticed I could do it.

That’s why I like working with Guido; he knows how to stimulate and coach me to my highest performances. Working together with Guido I hope to develop into an athlete at world level in mountainbiking and will qualify for the Olympic Games.

  • Guido Vroemen
    Known from tv
  • The absolute top in
    Science in Training
  • Sports doctor and
    medical biologist